What We Offer


BMA Financial provides a one-stop platform where investors can have access to Mutual Funds, Voluntary Pension schemes and Managed Accounts of all leading asset managers.

We provide independent research to our valued clients, using our proprietary ‘BMA Advantage Fund Evaluation System,’ which monitors the risk associated with each product and its performance relative to it’s peers, helping clients select the right products and managers for their investments.

By being independent, we avoid any potential and actual conflicts of interest, allowing us to be impartial in research. Removing the potential conflict of interest can affect the impartiality of our recommendation.

Our interests are completely aligned with those of our client. We provide our services at no additional cost; our income is derived mainly from the value of clients' investments. We only prosper if clients remain with us and the value of their investments grows.

mutual funds

Mutual Funds are professionally managed investment funds that pool together money of many investors to invest in a portfolio of stocks, fixed income securities like bonds or any other assets like commodities or properties.


Benefits of investing in Mutual Funds through BMA Financial

  • Expertise

    Mutual funds are managed by Professional Fund Managers. Fund Managers are better equipped than the average investor to obtain superior returns.

  • Tax benefits

    The profits earned on bank deposits and dividend incomes are subject to taxation, the gains made through investments in Mutual Funds are tax-free.

  • Islamic investments

    Islamic Mutual Funds are available for investors who wish to keep their earnings in accordance with Islamic principles. These funds invest in Shariah Compliant investment instruments and are supervised by a Shariah Advisory Board.

  • Security

    Contrary to popular belief, Mutual Funds are secure investments regulated by the SECP.

  • Pension Schemes

  • Pension Fund aims to provide regular income to participants after retirement
  • Each employee has an independent pension account which has an asset allocation as per his/her risk profile and investment horizon
  • All Pension Funds are portable
  • Managed accounts

  • Portfolio structured to Client needs, leveraged by the experience of professional investment advisors.
  • Allocation schemes range from aggressive right down to conservative investing.
  • The Asset Management Company manages portfolios of stocks, term finance certificates and other debt, money market instruments and placements for both individual and institutional clients.


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