Invest through us


Our dedication to being one of Pakistan's most trusted financial distributors has earned us the loyalty of individuals, families, businesses, and other organizations. By choosing us, you benefit from:


The BMA Advantage Fund Ranking System provides comparative risk and return profiles of each fund, based on 12 research parameters

Our expertise in research and up-to-date performance tracking of all open-end funds allows us to help you choose the funds that best suit your needs

We ensure that all your documentation is complete and your investments are collected from your doorstep and delivered to the asset management companies

We maintain a record of your documentation when you invest for the first time. For all subsequent investments, we complete all the relevant paperwork leaving you the simple task of just signing the investment forms and cheques

No matter how many funds you invest in, we send you a consolidated account statement with detailed transaction history including updated investment values, redemptions, bonuses and dividends



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